The Politics Society at NYU works to facilitate a non-partisan environment for students, faculty, and organizations. We encourage students to learn about varying political stances on an issue and form an opinion of their own. Despite having a bias or party affiliation, we hold that discourse beyond biases results in critical thinking and a deeper understanding of politics. We believe robust debate complements the already vibrant political sphere at NYU and provides a community for students who want to learn about politics.

While we seek to create a community that transcends political divides, we cannot and will not promote violence or speech that will incite violence. As a club, we make it a priority for all students to feel safe and welcome, while also challenging their preconceived notions.


The Politics Society is composed of six committees working side-by-side to organize events and create content that fosters our values of critical thinking and respectful discourse. 
Anyone can attend our events, however, those who would like to get more involved are encouraged to join a committee. These committees include: Events, Public Policy Symposium, Policy Case Competition, Podcasts, Editorial, and Marketing.

Get Involved

The Politics Society hosts a variety of events year-round, we welcome you to attend no matter your political affiliation or affinity. The Politics Society has been rapidly-growing and we look forward to inviting both new and current members of the NYU community to participate in our organization.

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